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The MBA Alumni Fund was established in 2004 by the founding graduates of part-time MBA Class of 1994 as a 10th anniversary alumni gift to the School of Business and Management (SBM). The fund will be rolled over the years and will be used for the development of SBM in enriching student learning environment, sponsoring research or industry projects, and improving faculty and teaching facilities.

The $10 Million Target

It is the 20th birthday of HKUST in 2011 and the new Business School Building will be due open by 2012. To celebrate for this spectacular milestone of the school history, the entire MBA alumni community is encouraged to make contribution to the MBA Alumni Fund with a goal to grow it to HK$10 million by 2011 as a 20th anniversary gift from alumni.

We count on you to achieve the goal together. Make your pledge now by completing and returning the Donation Form to the MBA Alumni Development Office.

Establish Your Presence

In appreciation of the contribution made by alumni to the MBA Alumni Fund, the meeting room at Business School Central has been officially named the MBA Alumni Conference Room. In addition, patrons who have donated an accumulated amount of HK$5,000 or above to the Fund will have their names inscribed on the conference room's glass door.

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