***** You can make a difference, join MBAAA *****


The HKUST MBA is a unique experience for a lifetime. You started it just a while or years ago as a student, and you are now integrating yourself as an alumni to this bigger family where you build the sense of pride with your School and your alma mater.

As a young school with just 20 years of history, our alumni population is comparatively small.  However, the elite pool of talent has shaped the community with distinct characters: highly professional, energetic, supportive, innovative and fun.  It is a place where you find friendship, build your social and resource networks, learn and develop to be a world class leader.

We are proud and thrilled to be ranked No. 8 in the world by
Financial Times this year.  Thanks to the effort of alumni, students, faculty and staff who made this happen. To keep the momentum going and build excellence, we need every one of you to contribute in strengthening the bonds and promoting a strong alumni giving back culture.

Stay connected with us and power-up our alumni directory with your contacts and job updates.  Participate in alumni events and send us your feedback.  Volunteer to be an event organizer or join MBAAA Executive Committee to serve other alumni.  If you are overseas, help us build the local alumni network.

Share also your program experiences with prospective candidates and render your career support to fellow students.  Alumni are important links to bridge the academics and corporate.  Your achievement and career success help to showcase our program quality to recruiters and build the brand.

Last but not least, you can also contribute to MBA Alumni Fund to help develop the Program and School in a broader dimension.

The School continues to invest in alumni development to add values to your life.  We work closely with MBAAA to bring alumni community to a new height.  You are our life-time partners and we build success for each other.  Your support, participation and influence to others will make a difference.  Together, we shape the future.

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